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"Inside every child 

 there is a story to be told."

D.W. Winnicott

Using play means the child can explore their thoughts and feelings in a creative and dynamic way, without having to use words to articulate themselves.

Holly’s Haven, Child and Adolescent Therapy Service, Ayrshire, Scotland
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Holly’s Haven, Child and Adolescent Therapy Service, Ayrshire, Scotland

Based in Largs, Scotland, Holly Baillie is a fully qualified and accredited BAPT Registered Play Therapist working from a trauma-informed and attachment-based approach.

Holly believes each and every child is unique and can overcome their difficulties within a safe therapeutic space with a qualified therapist.


As a result of therapy, a child can flourish, grow and heal with a better outcome for them and their family.


Giving the right mental and emotional support is vital for a positive change. 

Play Therapy helps children to: 

Enhance their learning.

Reach an understanding of their thoughts and feelings.


Make sense of their past experiences.

Develop a set of tools to cope with life's difficulties.

Manage relationships and conflicts more appropriately. 

Reduce anxiety and raise self-esteem.

Improve behaviour.

Improve relationships with family and friends.

Learn how to set appropriate and healthy boundaries


Learn to be accountable for their actions. 


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